Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hot To Trot: You'll Laugh Yourself Hoarse

Going into this when I saw it for the first time, my expectations were low. I figured it would be another Mister Ed or Francis The Talking Mule Wannabe of a film. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! Canadian Comic Legend John Candy (R.I.P) Brings to life a wisecracking horse with enough mouth to give even Mister Ed a run for his money and Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy) adds star packed support as a Stockbroker who really has no clue about the Stock Market but Ol' Don gives  him a winning edge. Add to that the role of evil bad guy played to perfection by Dabney Coleman (Dragnet, 9 To 5) and you have one swell movie that is a winning run on my laugh-o-meter, See It If You Haven't I Guarantee It's a laugh riot from start to finish.

Clip: "Trailer" Courtesy Video Detective

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary: Take Off Eh?

Paul Schaffer Said it best: "Bob & Doug Changed The Way Canadians Talk, Shame On Them"

For Those Entering The Hoser lexicon a little late, Here ia a quick refresher: Bob & Doug McKenzie began as a parody of a CBC Request for SCTV to Create more Canadian content, What Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas created was a satire of it but Bob & Doug McKenzie became so much more. This documentary tells the story of how Bob & Doug became true ambassadors of Canadian culture and a cherished piece of our identity as a country.
This documentary is For anyone wanting to learn about Bob & Doug McKenzie or for those familiar with them to reminisce and laugh with their favorite Hosers.
Filled With Hours Of Beauty Extras including:
  • Original McKenzie Brothers Commercials For Pizza Hut & Mr. Lube
  • 7 Classic Great White North Sketches
  • The Songs "Take Off" and "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" from the album
  • Famous People Talking about Bob & Doug that runs the gammut from Tom Green to Paul Schaffer
  • Footage Of The Hoser Parade in Toronto on Yonge Street
Clip: Bob & Doug McKenzie Sing "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" courtesy Animax Entertainment

Friday, 8 September 2017

SITE NEWS: iTunes Links Added To Reviews

Hello all, I just wanted to make my readers aware that starting now if Available there will be links posted to each review to purchase the movie being reviewed on iTunes. I will work on adding Google Play links at a later date to make it fair for Android users but for now iTunes is available. Only one of my reviews thus far was unavailable for rental or purchase on iTunes and that was Eddie starring Whoopi Goldberg. I guess maybe the rights with the NBA Didn't clear????? Anyway that's all for now and enjoy.


Stephen King's IT (1990) Revisiting A Classic Horror Film

With the remake of It in theatres now introducing a new generation to the terror that is Pennywise the clown, I thought I would revisit the original made for TV film that started it all.

In the quiet town of Derry, Maine, seven freinds, Bill, Eddie, Mike, Bev, Stan, Richie and Ben (The Losers Club) have all been seeing and hearing strange things. Most of which revolve around a Clown called Pennywise, which they all admit being real. The kids eventually discover that the leader of the club, Bill's little brother, fell victim to this evil. The group sets out to stop the force and put it to rest once and for all. 30 years after defeating IT, Mike Hanlon, the only Member who remained in Derry, suspects that IT has returned and is forced to call back all of the Losers club, due to a promise they all made to return if its evil shall ever resurface. Uncovering new powers, clues and evil the club reunites as adults and come face to face with the evil that has haunted and fed on Derry for the last centuries.

Featuring a whose who of Hollywood royalty including Harry Anderson (Night Court) and John Ritter (Three's Company) as well as a future star named Seth Green (The Interview) and the incomparable Tim Curry as Pennywise this movie hit all the high notes that a horror movie should have in fact, as I recall the first time I saw It, I was so scared of Pennywise that I literally didn't watch it until 10 years later well into my adulthood. Add to that incredible art direction overseen by Stephen King himself and you have a masterpiece of epic proportions with enough scare factor to match even the likes of Friday The 13th. Not to Miss

Clip: Trailer Courtesy Video Detective

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Feed: What Does Junkie XL Think Is The Best Soundtrack

It is fitting that the man who breathed new life into Elvis Presley's hit "A Little Less Conversation" loves an Electronic piece.

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL is known for his killer scores including Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises and now he is taking on Stephen King with The Dark Tower. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter he recalled how he has seen Blade Runner over a hundred times or so:

"I was a synthesizer freak to begin with," said the music producer of the score to the 1982 classic. "When that came out, it just changed my world."
 During the piece he also touched on the biggest misconception about Electronic Music in that It's Not Human.

here is the musical collaboration that made Junkie XL a household name:

Monday, 4 September 2017

The Mask: Jim Carrey Strikes Comic Gold

Chuck Russell directs this adaptation of the famed Dark Horse Comic book character and brings most people's inner most desires to life.

Comic superstar Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura) plays Stanley Ipkiss, a mild mannered bank clerk living in Edge City, on a particularly bad evening he happens upon a wooden mask of the norse god Loki.
After he puts it on the mask overtakes him and he becomes a hyperactive, womanizer of a playboy bursting with swag and confidence at every turn. But All Masks have a dark side and Stanley Robbed the bank while under the mask's power and now junior crime lord Dorian Tyrell wants revenge for his boys being stuck with the rap for the crime. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Calloway who has been needling at Ipkiss ever since his first encounter with The Mask makes it his mission to put Stanley behind bars forever.

Clip: "Time To Get A New Clock" courtesy: MovieClips

Overflowing with Carrey's trademark slapstick humour this film will have you laughing from start to finish. It is no doubt one of Jim Carrey's best films of the last 30 years. It ranks right up there with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumb & Dumber in terms of rewatchability and the gags are so well timed even with a few nods to Tex Avery and Sally Fields thrown in for extra bling. Not To Miss.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Howard The Duck: One Of Cinema's Unsung Heroes

Directed By: Willard Huyck
Starring: Ed Gale, Tim Robbins, Lea Thompson
Status: Released

Willard Huyck directs this George Lucas produced, often overlooked adaptation of Steve Gerber's classic comic book. A Science experiment sends a laser into space that brings life back to Earth. The first one is Howard T. Duck (voiced by Chip Zien), cigar chomping citizen of Duckworld. Upon his arrival he is greeted by a gang of thugs who are trying to kidnap a lady named Beverly (Lea Thompson). He subdues them using a unique form of Martial Arts and they go to a Scientist friend of Beverly's who is revealed to be a janitor he soon resorts to life on Earth but after a few unfortunate events, a much less friendly being arrives through the laser. Howard must decide to save his newfound planet and risk never getting home to Duckworld or die and take all of Earth with him.

Clip "No More Mr. Nice Duck" courtesy: Movieclips

This movie was universally panned by critics and was a box office bomb only making back half of it's budget George Lucas was quoted as saying to Willard Huyck "Just You Watch, thanks to Home Video and other merchandise it will be a classic, mark my words". It has since enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to home video sales and Howard's brief appearance in Guardians Of The Galaxy hinting at the possibility of a reboot of sorts. I read somewhere that after this film, Marvel didn't do another theatrical adaptation until Blade with Wesley Snipes came along out of fear it would flop like Howard did but the duck's ultimate legacy is evolving into something of a cult film cherished by many fans. Steve Gerber would be proud

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